• Sam Poppe

Laboratory Volcano Geodesy at vVMSG21

My virtual presentation at the January 2021 vVMSG meeting, the virtual gathering of the Volcanic and Magmatic Studies Group in the UK, is now available on YouTube on the channel of VMSG!

The "Laboratory Volcano Geodesy" project aims to study the importance of non-elastic deformation in surface displacement patterns recorded at active volcanoes, by developing a method for inverting surface displacements from experiments of analogue magma intrusion in a granular crustal analogue (from Poppe et al., 2019). This ongoing effort started during the postdoctoral visiting fellowship funded by Fulbright and the Belgian-American Educational Foundation that I undertook from November 2019 until July 2020 at Penn State University with Prof. Dr. Christelle Wauthier. Take a look to discover the project concept and preliminary results!

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